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Our Services

We want to make sure your staff enjoy and engage in the tasks they have to do each day. We also want to make doing business with you a pleasure for your customers by ensuring their interaction with you is simple and fulfilling. We are iola and we have a range of solutions to help your business perform better each and every day.

Bespoke Software

At iola we don't believe you should adapt your business to suit 'off the shelf' software. We believe software should be engineered to work for you, enabling you to speed up tasks, improve accuracy and integrate systems.

Enterprise Software from an Excel Spreadsheet

When you started your business many years ago you needed a way to store lists; customers, suppliers, price lists, invoices, purchase orders, job cards, stock, etc. Excel seemed like the idea tool for the job but you've now outgrown this solution.

iola can take your existing Excel spreadsheet and use the data, formulae, and design to create a bespoke piece of enterprise software

Linking You And Your Customers

In the age of instant information we can help you build web services that give your customers, distributors and suppliers live, up to the minute information at the click of a mouse. Whether its product information, stock availability or price lists we can bring together databases and build front end applications that are simple to use, easy to navigate and provide quick accurate data while keeping sensitive information secure.

Project Outsourcing

We're not just contractors; at iola we offer companies a complete outsourcing consultancy service; from design and development through to testing, management, installation and training. We believe in listening to our customers to understand their operational problems and from this we suggest solutions that can make a significant and tangible difference.

Mobile App Development

A Mobile App is a fantastic way to communicate with your audience whether they be customers, employees, or suppliers. With the incredible growth of smartphone and tablet use a mobile presence is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity.

Create Your Own Catalogues

While online information is now essential for any business, many people and emerging markets still want or need paper copy. For manufacturing businesses the cost of producing several catalogues for different product lines can be a substantial percent of their marketing budget. Then there's the complication of reprints if lines change, new products are added or prices alter.

Specialist Automotive Software

iola are specialists in automotive software as our long association with the Automotive Aftermarket proves. We have been working with automotive companies for the last 12 years and have put in place a number of systems that help them run their business day to day. Because the software is bespoke it changes as they change and has ensured the smooth growth of operations without compromising customer service. In fact quite the opposite our latest software development are the most interactive to date.

Automating Computer Tasks

Are you using your staff as efficiently as possible or do they have to repeat the same time consuming and mind numbing computer tasks over and over again, day in day out? There is another way. iola can create macro's, or to put it another way; a list of commands which automate simple tasks.