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Automating Computer Tasks

Are you using your staff as efficiently as possible or do they have to repeat the same time-consuming and mind-numbing computer tasks over and over again, day-in day-out? There is another way. iola can create macros; or to put it another way; a list of commands which automate simple tasks.

We can create a macro which allows you to run a query in Access. It then exports the results to Excel, formats the text and writes a mail merge document in Word. This automatically e-mails each member of the original query through Outlook.

The technique is also beneficial for SMEs that produce their own catalogues or mail shots. An application can be written to integrate product and price list information from two sources. Another example would be the production of a mailshot to 500 customers - 50 from 10 different industries. A macro would be able to link different offers to relevant products and then produce an appropriate mailshot with just a few clicks of the mouse, saving time and improving accuracy.

If you have a task within your business you think could benefit from automation give us a call for expert advice.

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