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Creating Enterprise Software from an Excel Spreadsheet

When you started your business many years ago you needed a way to store lists; customers, suppliers, price lists, invoices, purchase orders, job cards, stock, etc. Excel seemed like the idea tool for the job.

As your business grew this spreadsheet evolved into something that tracked orders, recorded sales, calculated and printed invoices, generated quotes based on supplier price lists and contained formulae to generate all manner of useful data that you now use to drive your business.

Now that you have multiple employees wanting to access and update this spreadsheet at the same time, Excel just doesn't satisfy your needs and the cracks are starting to show.

Maybe you even distributed this spreadsheet to your customers and suppliers to help them do business with you.  As your business and the number of users increased so did the burden of maintaining it.  Maybe you don't really know which version of your spreadsheet some of your users are even looking at?

If this sounds familiar then maybe it's time to consider converting your spreadsheet into an Enterprise solution that can be accessed simultaneously by your whole business, your suppliers, and your customers.

iola can take your existing Excel spreadsheet and use the data, formulae, and design to create a bespoke piece of enterprise software that can be accessed throught your business, simultaneously by all users.  Secure, up-to-date information, available immediately, throughout yours, your customers, and your suppliers organisations.

We can even create a Mobile App that will allow the users access to the data and functionlity from any device, anywhere in the world.

If you have outgrown your Excel spreadsheet and would like to discuss the option of developing it into an enterprise solution that better serves your growing business then give us a call for free expert advice.

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