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Bespoke Solutions Benefit Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers

Quinton Hazell Automotive is the largest aftermarket manufacturer and distributor of motor components in the UK. The company has a strong presence globally with locations in France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland and agents in Australasia, Hungary, Russia, Singapore and Sweden.

The company's portfolio of products is vast with nearly 40 product groups and over 38,000 part numbers, across six major product divisions: Cooling, Steering and Suspension, Transmission, Auto Electrics, Brakes & Hydraulics, Security, Filters, and Associated Products.

Iola has worked closely with Quinton Hazell for 12 years as an integral part of the company's efficient running. iola has developed Q-PID Live!, a highly interactive desk based application that brings together Automotive Parts Information Database (Q-PID Live!) and the VRMCheck Service to allow the user to look up Automotive parts using the vehicle VRM or VIN details.

Iola has also been instrumental in helping companies keep costs down with the development of its catalogue software. This enables staff to create their own catalogues for different divisions, product lines or customers with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Andy Walker of iola says, "Quinton Hazell Automotive is totally focused on customer service and together we have developed a number of software solutions to help customers around the world search, identify and order the exact part for their needs, simply and quickly. The database is now used by more than 16,000 customers."

Derek L. from Quinton Hazell said, "Working with iola has enabled us to maintain an extremely efficient business even as we have grown. Their software solutions mean customers have a high level of trust in us while the ability to create catalogues ourselves in-house means we can react quickly to product modifications or price changes while keeping costs down and ensuring the information retains a high level of accuracy."

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